New Apex Legend

It is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game created by Respawn Entertainment in 2019.

Immediately became one of the most famous Fight Royale games on the planet, drawing in an enormous player base in a brief time frame.

Apex Legends' innovative take on the Battle Royale genre, team-focused and fast-paced gameplay have all contributed to its popularity among gamers.

One of its distinguishing elements is its cast of characters, each with their own set of powers such as Wraith, a character who can phase in and out of reality, or Pathfinder, a character with a grappling hook who can navigate across the map swiftly.

It focus on squad-based gameplay, with players working together to achieve objectives and eliminate opponents.The game also has a ping system, which allows players to communicate with their friends fast and effectively even if they don't have microphones.

As of know it has a total of 17 seasons, Latest being named Ballistic.

Season 17, Arsenal, adds new content to Apex Legends including another legend, another weapons dominance framework, and a significant update to the World's Edge map.

Introduction of the new Assault Legend, Ballistic offers new strategic choices and opportunity for Gamers. Also exploring the Weapon Mastery system adds another degree of depth and customization to the game.

Meanwhile, the revamped Ranked System promises to provide a more balanced and entertaining experience for players of all skill levels, promoting advancement and creating a sense of success.

Players will be required to complete placement matches under the new system, which will use Ladder Points rather than Ranked Points.

Moreover Significant changes to World's Edge reflect the developers' dedication to keep the game new and interesting.

The new edition will undoubtedly keep players on their toes and they will be eager to experiment the game with new strategies and ideas.